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Under the leadership of the leading group for bidding works of the University and the monitoring of monitoring group belongs to the leading group. The PBMO manages government’s purchasing work of the university, and is responsible for the managing and serving work of purchasing and bidding of all kinds of engineering, goods and materials, equipment and service projects. Specific duties are as follows:

 (1) Implementing of the national government’s purchasing, tendering and bidding policies and laws, Drawing up regulations and specific measures of implementation for university’s purchasing and bidding works;

 (2) Being responsible for the acceptance, examination and approval of purchasing and bidding applications for projects that have accomplished the project approving procedure. Organizing and implementing purchasing and bidding activities according to the prescribed procedures;

 (3) Being responsible for the first trial and sending for being checked for changes of the government’s purchasing mode and imported products, etc. Gathering and reporting batch purchasing projects;

 (4) Being responsible for organizing of business negotiation, examining and approving (putting on record) contract text for projects that have accomplished purchasing and bidding procedures.

(5) Being responsible for summering, analyzing, adding up, reporting, records collecting, sorting and file placing of purchasing plan and data;

 (6) Being responsible for the evaluation and management of reviewing experts. Establishing and maintaining the "bidding expert database" and "supplier database" of the university; 

(7) Being responsible for the management of purchasing and bidding funds;

(8) Organizing learning and training of related personnel of the university;

(9) Assisting related functional departments and units to carry out contract execution and acceptance works;

(10) Completing other jobs assigned by superior departments and leaders.